Greater Enfield Landlord Association (GELA)

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Landlords Helping Landlords
An Organization to inform and educate landlords in all phases of landlording and property management.

Eligibility Requirements:  Current owners of rental property in Enfield and/or surrounding towns, or an "approved" real estate business or service affiliation, or an "approved"  personal member recommendation (for those actively seeking to purchase their first rental property.)


City_____________________________ State _____ Zip _________________

Primary Phone__________________ Will you accept texts/emails from GELA? _____

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DUES SCHEDULE (Per year, starting with your first attended meeting):  

  • NEW MEMBER (Individual or team (1-vote) )                                              $65
  • RENEWAL (Individual)                                                                                   $55
  • Vendor/Sponsor  (1-vote)                                                                             $100
  • NEW or RENEWAL for Two-Member Household or Business Team (1-vote)        $65
            Either, or both may attend meetings (Includes  Annual  Holiday Dinner for 2)
  • Additional Guest Pass to Holiday Dinner (upon prior approval)                                      $10

                       Check # _________  $________    Dated_____________  

Make check payable to GELA.  Bring to meeting or mail with applicationto: Joe Mollica (V.President) at: 312 high Path Rd, Windsor, CT 06095

I own the following types of rental property:   Apartment Units #_____,

Single Family Rental Homes #____, Commercial Units #____.

Total Rental Units #___.

 List Here:  *Address of the nearest (to Enfield) rental property that you currently own:


Please tell us a little about yourself and your landlord experience to help us tailor our meetings to provide agendas and guest speakers of interests to our members.  Please check  topics or areas of information that would be of interest to you.

___ Investments,  ___ Buying/Selling Property,  ___ Eviction Process,  ___  Rental Applications,  ___ Leases, ___ Financing/mortgage Products, ___ Insurance, ___Taxes 

___ Screening Tenants,   ___ Landlord/Tenant Laws,  ___  Fair Housing,   ___ Network with Fellow Landlords, ___Section 8/Housing Subsidies .

___ Demo/Displays/Supplies from various Vendors,  ___ Local Zoning,  ___ Town Ordinances,  ___ Fire Marshall Support, ___ Police Support, ____Pest Control, ____ Environmental Laws/Regulations, ____Government Assistance Programs, Other:________________________________________

 I/We  manage  my/our Rental Property:   ____  Full time   ____  Part time 

 I/We have been a landlord since (year) ______.  

 I am a:  ___ Contractor,  ___ Handyman, ___ Investor, ___Other: ____________


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